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My name is Susann Stjernborg, born in Sweden during late 50's.

Proffesionally I am in the IT business and spend far too many hours in front of a computer. IT is en ever challenging adventure, new stuff to learn every day, you never get bored. And the pay is good too :-)
Enables me to live my life as I want. Well, more or less...

As the only child I am probably spoilt, love solitude and need time to think. By myself.
And I easily get bored, constantly in need for new intellectual challenges.

As a 21 year old who knew nothing of life, I very stupidly got married.
3 years later I was divorced and have taken great care to remain that way ever since. Not that I don't like men, it is just that I can't imagine seeing one ( and the same one, to boot!) on the other side of the breakfast table every morning for the rest of my life. Two is simply a crowd sometimes.

It is the height of luxuary, to live alone. You decide what to do, when to do it and if you want to do it at all. Selfish you will say; yes, I probably am but at least I admit it and can say "I am doing it my way".

To be single is a blessing, but then I am not totally alone.
As the megabitch of Starcastle Hounds (an alpha bitch is just the leader of the pack mind you, the megabitch is Being In Total Control of Herself) there is always dogs around. Happy dogs, dogs wanting attention, dogs needing excersise, or just sleeping beside you, emanating a friendly pieceful feeling.

Work, dogs and of course Internet, takes most of my time, but there is often time for a good sf book as well. Socialising is mostly done in cyber space, not so much in Real Life. Working full time, taking care of dogs and yourself does not leave that much of Real Life left anyway.

From May until October most weekends and vacation time (we do have a lot of vacation time in Sweden, 25 days by law for everyone) are spent in my summer cottage on an island in the Stockholm archipelago.
Getting off the boat, onto the jetty, means leaving civilisation behind you and returning to a world set back almost a 100 years. Paradise on Earth.
No roads, no cars, no machines. Just wilderness, you pump up your water and carry it home, you heat it on the stove when you need to clean up:-) Have to admit to having electricity, it IS nice to have a fridge, and it IS nice to wake up to a warm house without having to light a fire even if it is in the middle of the first storm of Fall.
Just Nature and me. And of course the neighbours in the other 55 cottages on the island:-*
Time spent on the island is also a time spent without computers, Internet and email. You need a break sometime.

My life changed in 1988 when my first Borzoi came to live with me, an old retired Borzoi lady, S Ch Shamaanin Marfa. To stop myself from being tempted to breed, I've kept only Borzoi males since Marfa.
But with the much smaller Silken Windhounds in the house, a breed that is also so much more charming than Borzoi, not to mention easier to handle and keep, I can't help myself.

During spring 2001 I will embark on a new adventure, start another epoch of my life and become a Breeder. And to be the first breeder in Europe of Silken Windhounds, a rare breed, in a country that do not even accept the concept of rare breeds - that is a challenge indeed!

First litter was born March 22 2001, a one puppy litter.
Starcastle Hounds Firelizard growing up!

Susann Stjernborg