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For almost all the countrys not mentioned in the document below, I'm afraid 4 months of quarantine is needed if you want to take your dog into Sweden. Please check with the Swedish Board of Agriculture

Always check with the Swedish Board of Agriculture, just in case my info is outdated!!!!
Sussi Stjernborg

Swedish Board of Agriculture
International Traffic Veterinary Control
May 1st, 1996
(Does not apply to import from Great Britain, Ireland and Iceland. ) Dogs may enter freely from Norway.

To be a subject of trade into Sweden on the conditions 1-5 stated below, dogs must have stayed within the EU/EFTA region for a period of at least 6 months. The animal owner must be registered for import of dog at the Swedish Board of Agriculture. The ID-marked dog must be vaccinated against rabies, leptospirosis and canine distemper and have undergone a blood sample test with regards to rabies antibodies. The dog shall be accompanied by a compiled document and a veterinary health certificate. These certificates, vaccination documents, blood sample test results and import permit shall be in original (not photocopies or telefax copies) and upon request be presented to the customs authorities upon crossing the border. Import shall take place at a manned customs location and reported to the customs authorities.

 1. REGISTRATION (Permit for registered importer)
The animal owner must be registered for import of dog at the Swedish Board of Agriculture. The permit's cost is 400 Swedish Crowns and allows for import of a maximum of 10 dogs during a one-year period.

Application for registration is done as follows: a receipt on the paid fee together with data regarding name, address, animal breed, ID-number, country of dispatch as well as time entry is sent by the animal owner to the International Traffic veterinary Control, Swedish Board of Agriculture, 551 82 Jönköping, Sweden. The fee is paid through the postal giro account 1 56 66-1 or by means of a cheque.

The permit is issued irrespective of the completion of vaccinations or rabies antibody titre testing. The permit is valid for a period of one year from the date of transcript. The paid fee is not reimbursed if the permit for any reason should be revoked. Possible amendments of dates or other items may not be done on an issued permit. A compiled vaccination certificate and a veterinary health certificate is sent together with the permit or can be requested separetely at no charge from the Swedish Board of Agriculture.

2. IDENTITY MARKING: The dog shall be identity marked by means of a tattoo or have a micro-chip identificationsystem implanted. The ID-number shall be present in all vaccination certificates or vaccination booklet as well as in the blood-testing results from the laboratory, pertaining to the dog. If the dog has a micro-chip identification system implanted it is important to check if the customs station at the place of entry is equipped with a micro-chip reading instrument. Certain Swedish custom stations are equipped with instruments capable of reading micro-chips of the brands INDEXEL or DATA MARS, however the Swedish Board of Agriculture does not guarantee that this equipment is available. If micro-chips of other brands are used, the animal owner must bring the appropriate reading instrument.

A. Rabies
: the dog must have been vaccinated against rabies with an approved vaccine (see page 3) and the vaccination may not have been performed more than one year (365 days) prior to entry into Sweden. Please observe that rabies vaccinations performed earlier than at the age of three months are not valid for entry into Sweden.

Blood testing regarding rabies antibodies must be made not earlier than 120 days (and not later than 365 days) after the rabies vaccination. (If the dog receieves two rabies vaccinations at a one month interval, the blood sample must be taken not earlier than 120 days after the last performed vaccination.) The blood sample must be taken by an official veterinarian and analysed at a laboratory approved by the Swedish Board of Agriculture, (see page 4), showing a protective antibody titre of at least 0,5 international units per millilitre blood, (IU/ml). If the dog does not reach the specified antibody protective level, the rabies vaccination must be repeated and an additional bloodtest must be taken 120 days later.

EU/EFTA countries: Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Liechtenstein, Luxemburg, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, NOTE: EU/EFTA countrys geographically constrained to Europe

Statens Jordbruksverk (Swedish Board of Agriculture)

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