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Approved rabies vaccines

Annumune Epivax LT Rabiffa R
Bayovac T Felidovac RC+PT Rabigen Mono*
Bayovac LT Feliniffa PR Rabigen suspensie
Bayovac SHP+LT Feliniffa PT Rabisin*
Bayovac SH+LT Felirab PT Rabvac
Candivac SHLT Fel-o-vax PCT-R SHP+LT-Vac Venie
Candivac DHLR Feligen CRP/R Tobivac Dessau
Candivac SHLT-P Fiovax PHCT Trimune
Canigen LR Galaxy IR Unirab
Canigen CHA2P/LR Hexadog* Vanguard Rabies

Canigen CHPPi/LR Immunrab* Virbagen T
Canigen MHA2PLR Imrab-1 Virbagen canis SHA2P/LT
Canimed SHP+LT Imrab-3 Virbagen canis LT
Canimed SH+LT Imrab-R Virbagen canis SHPPi/LT
Canimed LT Leptorabisin Virbagen canis SHA2 PPi-LT
Defensor LT-vac T Virbagen felis CRP/T
Dog-vac Madilep LT Virbagen felis SHPPi/LT
Dohycat i-RC+PT Madilep LT+P  
Dohyrab Madivak*  
Dohyvac IR Nobi-vac LT  

Dohyvac i-LT+P Nobi-vac R  
Dohyvac LR Nobi-vac rabies*  
Dohyvac SH i-LT+P Nobi-vac RL  
Enduracell 8 Nobi-vac T  
Enduracell LR Nobi-vac DHP+RL  
Enduracell R mono Pentadog  
Enduracell T Rabdomun  
Enduracell Lepto T Rabguard TC  
Enduracell M Rabicell  

* Recommended vaccines

Approved vaccines against leptospirosis: Vaccines approved within the EU/EFTA-area

Approved anthhelintics: Approved preparations containing praziquantel, for instance Droncit

Swedish importregulations page 1 2 3 4


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