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Last update September 1 2001

Welcome to my Misc Page
Susann Stjernborg

I live in Sweden, if you don't know where that is you are about to find out if you follow this link.

Sweden has fortunately been free from rabies for a very long time, maybe a century. Before we joined the EU, a dog that was vaccinated with rabies in order to be exported to another country, was actually to be held in quarantine during the time between the shot and leaving the country. That is how rabiesfree we were! On the other hand we had to put all imported dogs in quarantine. Everything has it's drawbacks.
Nowadays we are free to travel with our dogs within EU (European Union), IF we fulfill the requirements. Read all about them

Now on to something entirely different.
This is what a
Roman Head looks like.
Once you have seen it, you will never forget it.