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a wild dog in India, resembling a sighthound

This text and picture was found in a Danish dogbook, printed 1880. Old Danish is not my native language :-) so forgive me any mistakes in the translation.

The Indian Wild Dog or the Dhol lives wild in India. Form and size mostly resembles a small sighthound. Slimmer and with a more pointed nose than the Dingo, whom it resembles in color and in the form of the pointed upright ears, the Dhol is lighter in construction and possess more power and endurance. It also have a bushier tail. Typical of the Dhol is to be able to take down all kinds of prey. It usually avoids human dwellingsand in some places it leaves livestock alone, but in others it kills what it can get.

Most of the Dhols live in the highlands of Dekan at the Koromandel coast, but they are not numerous anywhere. It is also very shy and prefer the big jungles.

When hunting, the Dhol are often seen in packs of 50 - 60 individuals and they persue all kind of prey. They are said to be an important factor to stop the spread of the tiger. Dhol packs don't hesitate to attack tigers or bears. Even if 10 or more are killed, the others keep attacking the prey very fervently until it is exhausted.

The Dhol is known to be very independant.