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The Mudhol
also known as the Maratha or Pashmi Hound

The Indian Dog, by W.V.Soman, published june 1963. W.V.Soman was at the time a retired Major of the Baroda State Forces in India

Mudhol hounds

Said to be the greyhound of Maharastha, it is slightly smaller than the English greyhound and a bit bigger than a Whippet. Very graceful and commanding in appearance. It makes a good watch-dog but, at the same time, can be used for hunting deer, rabbits and jackals. It ranges in weight from 20 to 30 lbs. Dainty in appearance with thin smooth and shining hair - though looking delicate - it is sufficiently hardy and easy to look after. No history of the origin of the breed is available but it is scattered all over Maharashta. At present some of the Vadharis working on the Koyna Project, between Pophali and Chiplun at Khadpoli Naka maintain this breed in large numbers and breed them and sell them at about Rs. 200;- each. They call them Kathewar dogs; but they are actually the Mudhol hounds. The head is long and thin. Ears fine in texture and turned back; bright intelligent eyes, long and muscular neck, brisket very deep, long thin legs but well muscled shoulders and thighs with compact feet. Long and tapering body, long tail turned over back when not hunting. Colour usually black and tan but occasionally mixed. Used usually as a watch dog so also for hunting.


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