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Rampur Hound
The hunting dog of the Indian Maharadjas

Also known as Rampuri, Rampuree, Rampur Greyhound, North Indian Greyhound

My first instinct was to think the Rampur must have been created after the Englishmen came to India and brought their Greyhounds with them. Denise Como who owns the only Rampurs I've ever heard of outside India, assures me they are much older than the English colonisation. The Rampur was actually threatened by the mixings with Greyhounds that were done.

Photographer: Denise Como
Photo provided by:
A Breed Apart
Used with permission


For some reason the Rampur has fallen into oblivion during the last decades, you rarely see them mentioned in dog books of today, but you will find them in the dog books of yesterday.

In a Swedish dog book by Carl O M P Leuhusen, printed in 1932 the Rampur is described like this;




The Rampur hound is a member of the big sighthound family. His natural habitat is the North West of India och he is described as a smooth haired sighthound, substantially built. He is mainly kept in his homeland to hunt the jackal, but is also remarkably capable of tracking down and killing wounded game.
The head of the Rampur is broader and more substantial than the head of the English Greyhound. He has a flat skull and a pointed nose. It has a charactaristic roman bend. The bite is extremely powerful.
The ears are set high, kept smoothly along the head and pointing forward. They are rather big sized.
The eyes are mostly of a yellowish color.
The color of these dogs is mainly mouse grey or black. Black being most sought after.
The coat is short like a newly trimmed horse. But otherwise the constitution of this breed resembles the other sighthound breeds.

The Rampur have so far not ventured outside it's native country India. It has never been seen in a Show ring in Europe and leaves consequently the field open to the ladies and gentlemen of canine research.



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