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The Rare and Unknown Sighthound breeds in the World

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  Please note that this section has only begun, and will grow for awhile yet.

There are many more sighthoundbreeds around than most people know about. Some of them are recognised by big organisations like FCI or AKC, others by a special breedclub or maybe by the kennelclub in their native country. And some are not recognised at all.
But they are still out there. And since this is my page I can choose any breed I want to be on this page, I don't have to concern myself with such things as recognition from this club or the other.

Some breeds are fairly new but most of them are more or less ancient. They might not even be rare or especially unknown in their place of origin but outside their native countries, very few know about the existense of some breeds that will be mentioned here.

A few will be presented here, with the information about them that I have been able to gather on the Web or from friends.
If you have additional information about these breeds or any breed that should be here, or some good photos, don't hesitate to mail me.


Susann Stjernborg

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