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also known as Tasi, Mid Asiatic Borzoi, the Russians call it Tadzi or Tazy or Sredneaziatskaya Borzoya (there is also two types, the Kazakh Tazi and the Turkmenian Tazi)

In Middle Asia the Tazi is called Tazõ, "the thoroughbred". Because the sound of õ does not exist in most Western langauges, it is often replaced with "y" or "i".


During the 1970's the Tazi was hunted almost to extinction in USSR, because they were blamed for the disappearance of the Dzeinari (local deer), Tazi was hunted from jeeps and helicopters, only a few survived in remote areas. In the beginning of the 1900s there was an estimated number of 6-7000 Tazis in Kazahkstan alone...



A Tazi pup to the left and an Afghan pup to the right.

Tazi pup.
Note the fairly thick and long puppy coat with the typical saddle.

In Kazakhstan there are severe sanctions against crossbreeding.

Tazi can be found in China, Japan, the Baltic Countries, Poland, Switzerland, Germany and Finland. Only Estonia have allowed them to enter official FCI shows, these results are not recognised by FCI.

Another young Tazi




Kennel Exlibris in Estonia have Tazi, their website is slow loading beacuse they have scanned all the text and presents it in the form of jpg. But the historical information is well worth the wait.

At Sighthounds of the East, you will find history, standard, the Sludski study of Tazi and above all a LOT of photos. And if you are wondering about the expression COO Hounds on this site, it means Country Of Origin Hounds...

Here is a breed description, but the official standard can be found at Sighthounds of the East pages.

More Tazi photos