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The VAGHARI sighthound

The Indian Dog, by W.V.Soman, published june 1963. W.V.Soman was at the time a retired Major of the Baroda State Forces in India

Vaghari dog

This breed of dogs is usually found with the nomadic tribe known as Vaivada Vaghari of Saurashtra. These tribemen stay in jungles where these dogs act as the most faithful guards. They are very furious to the strangers and hence it is very risky to enter a Vaghari Camp. They are used by them for hunting also and the sense of smell is so well developed in this breed that these dogs can trace a wounded animal. They measure about 20" to 24" in height. The common colours are tan, brown or black but a mixture is not rare. With a thin but short and shining coat, they resemble the greyhound in shape. The tail is turned over the back but is straightened while hunting. The eyes are bright, the face is long and the ears drooping. They can hunt down a wolf, a jackal or a deer and are accustomed to hunt also small game like the rabbit. Without any training they occasionally hunt in packs and attack a panther and kill it with skill and grace.



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