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Silken Windhounds


A truly rare breed photo!
1 Azawakh, 2 Silken Windhounds and 2 wirehaired Galgos
Both Silkens in this photo are very young, they do not get puppy coats
like a Borzoi and are usually not fully coated until about 3 years of age.

They are unique because they are the only sighthounds to have been created during the 1900s.

Based on Whippets, with longhair added early on and a known Borzoi added during the 1980s, they are now emerging as a breed of their own. The early history is of the Silken Windhound and where the longhaired trait comes from is covered in haze. The originator, Walter Wheeler of kennel Windsprite USA, claims his dogs are purebred Whippets with long dormant longhaired traits since the time the Whippet itself was formed. There is still a Longhaired Whippet Association.

But this was supposed to be about the Silken Windhounds.
The International Silken Windhound Society had it's first truly international annual meeting in April 1999. The Club was formally founded. See photos from
Silkenfest99 (get yourself some coffee or something, there are LOT'S of photos...)

Most Silken Windhounds (as opposed to the "Longhaired Whippets" from kennel Windsprite) come from Francie Stull, kennel Kristull in USA, who started out with dogs from kennel Windsprite. For more than a decade she has bred her dogs without any outside influences and added Borzoi to the lines. Mrs Stull has also added Whippets, wich results in smooth animals in the first generation where some of them (may) carry the recessive trait for longhair.
In the next generation where you breed back to Silkens you have to find out who carries coat and who does not. The ones who do not carry a double recessive longhaired gene will be smooth in this generation too and are discarded from the breding program and sold as pets. These Silken-Whippet crosses are most certainly the reason why some people seem to insist that Silkens do not breed true.

The result is a small longhaired sighthound, breeding true and always carriying coat as long as you breed a Silken to a Silken.

The interest of Silkens is growing, more breeders are joining and the Silkens are spreading into Europe. The main concern for now is to broaden the genepool, maybe still allow a few Whippets or Borzoi into the lines as well has dogs from kennel Windsprite.

To get a wide base and keep them just as healthy as they are now is the primarily goal. Once this has been achieved the ultimate goal is to seek recognition as a new sighthound breed, but not until then.

See the Silken Windhound FAQ

The first European litter is expected March 2001
Omni (Sweden) has been bred to Nipsu (Finland)

Kristull Omniscense "Omni"

Kristull Norhtern Lights "Nipsu"



Nuna, the dream


Silkens come in all colors, from pure white to pure black.
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