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Last update May 18 2000



This section is the result of a year of searching, asking, begging and stealing ;-) information on the Web and from friends. Many texts are about the same thing when it comes to breed history, but when written by different authors, everyone seem to have drawn their own conclusions. Translation errors from original text are almost certainly one of the reasons. But as a non-Afghan and a non-Saluki person, it is almost funny to see in different texts how they both try to take credit for this and that, like what breed was there first. They even sometimes claim the same ancient artifact to be Afghan or Saluki, depending on who you are talking too...

When I have had very many versions of roughly the same story, I've had to try to make out the essence of it and choose for myself what I believe is closest to the truth.

Don't take any of these texts as absolute facts and nothing but the truth! It is my interpretation of history based on other peoples material. Nothing more, nothing less.

You have to decide for yourself what you think is likely to have happened. Maybe some of my sources are totally inaccurate, I couldn't really say.

Small abbreviations in the breed standards is quite likely, when you are comparing them with standards written by others. Translations is not the easiest the thing in the world when it comes to details in a breedstandard.

Don't get mad if you find things you think is inaccurate. Use your judgement and be content with the fact that every coin must necessarily have two sides.


Susann Stjernborg