In September 1996 a young Saluki died in Sudden Death. As a reaction to that, the organisation SIGH, Saluki In Good Health, was founded. They collect data about Saluki health and are naturally very interested in Sudden Death, as their breed also suffers from it.

They have created a database to process this data. They will not enter the data of other breeds, but they welcome you to share your experiences with them, for comparison reasons.

On their website you will find

  • Questionaires that you can print out, for the sake of their database
  • A form with recommendations for your vet in case you ever have to have a necropsy done on a dog that dies all of a sudden
  • Horror stories about dogs who have been treated for heart problems during most of their lives, until someone finally realised their hearts was not enlarged after all, just ordinary good sized Salukihearts...
  • Links to sites with information of what has been discovered about Sudden Death in UK
    On this page you will also find interesting pages about sighthound history
  • A very cute animation of Salukis chasing a bunny

Please go and see them at SIGH


Added May 2 1999

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