SM6LKM "Transoceanic Hifer Transmitter"

- UTHT-1A -

(U stands for UGLY)

From left to right:

The small vertical board above the TX is the PIC keyer.

Not shown in the picture are the step attenuator and the lowpass filter.

Reception reports received so far:

The Argo Screen capture below shows the signal as received by
John Andrews W1TAG on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean
on July 3 2002. Distance 5890 km. The output power was 5 mW into
a horizontal dipole, 9 meters above the ground, and keying speed
was QRSS3 (3 seconds per dot). Yes, ultra-QRP is FUN! Get rid of that
kW amplifier and get yourself a decent attenuator instead! :-)

The QRSS viewer "Argo" can be found at

73 de Johan SM6LKM