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PIP-84 Program for Windows is now available!

Wolf, DL4YHF, has added support for PIP-84 to his WinPic program which is available at Wolf's web site

All midrange Flash PICs (PIC16F*) can be programmed with WinPic + PIP-84!

Thanks Wolf!

Borland TP7 bug fixed...

The programs below will now run on 200MHz+ machines without causing "Runtime error 200".
Thanks to Andreas Bauer for the TPPATCH program!

PIP84 - Do-it-yourself Flash PIC programmer:

Click HERE here for PIP-84 schematic.

PLEASE NOTE: The component numbers in the schematic do not match the component list in PIP84.ZIP (below). Some component values may differ too. Use the values from the schematic.

Download PIP84.ZIP (44K)

DIS84 - Disassembler for PIC16C84 / PIC16F84:

Download DIS84.ZIP (23K)

PICDELAY - Delay loop generator for PICs:

Download PICDELAY.ZIP (6K)

Free C compiler

A nice PIC C compiler, CC5X, is available from Bengt Knudsen Data in Norway. It doesn't even pretend to be "full ANSI compliant" but who needs malloc() on a PIC anyway :-)

It manages RAM very efficiently, it takes care of the RAM bank switching, the code page switching and last but not least - it produces very compact code!

A free version with 1K code limit, maximum 16-bit variable size and somewhat reduced optimization is available at

Dont't forget to download the PDF manual!

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