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A QRPp DSB transceiver for the 80 meter band (1 Watt P.E.P.).

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SM6LKM's Optimist-80 Inside Optimist-80, 1 Inside Optimist-80, 2

PCB overview:

Files for download:

If you have a HP LaserJet with postscript capabilities, or a compatible printer:

If you don't have a laser/inkjet printer:

PCB tracks, component overlay and ground plane as:

Scaling information:
The resolution of the bitmap pictures is 200 dpi.
The board size is 3400 x 3937 mils = 86.4 x 100.0 mm.

For some additional notes on the Optimist-80 click here

A linear 4 Watt amplifier for 80 meters. View schematics
(There are no files to download for this amplifier. Ask your browser to save the .GIF image if you like it.)

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