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Dive trip report, Amorina, Red sea

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Boat      : Amorina
Dates     : 30:Th of July to 11:Th August 1996
Dives     : 29

I took this trip because the red sea is close to Sweden ( well closest coral reef anyway ) and I wanted to try to give the red sea yet another try after the disappointment in sharm the year before and also I wanted to try a liveaboard (this was my first).

Picture of Amorina Well almost everything was very good, the only two bad things where that we had 2 non diving days and that Rocky island, Zabargad, Daedalus and The Brothers where closed by the Egyptian navy just 1 week before our trip. Now at least some of the islands are open for diving again, but only to boats with permission and red tape in Egypt can be very complicated, what I heard from Amorina on my Sudan trip is that the rules for permissions are made to suite Egyptian owned boat more than boats from other nations.

Amorina is a big three masted sail ship, it can take something like 25 divers, on my trip they had only 12 passengers, and 13 crew <G>. Diving is done from 2 small dingys, so the big ship is anchored at a safe place and the dingy can take you to the dive spot, the dingys will then follow you underwater so all you have to do is get your head up and they will pick you up! This make for much higher quality of diving IMHO than diving for a moored liveaboard, because you donīt have to fight against the current or see the same thing twice. We didnīt dive with any dive master, they where running the dingys. The dive sights was a lot better than the ones I had seen in the sharm area maybe with the exception of straight of Tiran. Worth to mention is Elphin stone, here I saw my first scalloped hammerhead shark and just after that a nice gray reef shark and Thistlegorm, said to be one of the best 'recreational' wrecks in the world, it is a interesting wreck. It is very large and it takes at least 2 dives to see most of it from the inside. It is easy to swim into the cargo bays but I never found any place to penetrate more than that but it can be done if you just know where to go.

The cabins on Amorina are small but what did you expect on a ship, you have your own bathroom with a shower. The food was superb, we had a three course dinner every night, Egyptian wine is not to good though but drinkable.


When Rocky island, Zabargad, Daedalus and The brothers are opened again I want go again and I will choose Amorina again! I fully recommend it.


Snorkelling with dolphins at Middle reef, playing with 7 dolphins for seventeen minutes at Shab Abu Nuhas, seeing my first hammer head at Elphin stone.


Egyptian military closing rocky, Non dive days.

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