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From: (Bard O. Johannessen)

I promised to write a travel report from my trip to Israel, so here it is:

The weather turned out to be on the chilly side, 12 in the night and 22 in the middle of the day. Water temperature: 22 degrees. So if you go: take warm clothes!

I had only time to do three dives, but they were excellent, there is no need to go to Egypt or Jordan if you happen to be in Eilat for a couple of days!

1) Dolphin reef. This is a closed in area where they keep dolphins for tourist to swim and dive with. The place is well managed and the staff seemed professional to me. I enjoyed it. We were four divers and had the time to enjoy it without being in a crowd. It IS a special feeling to be able to dive with the dolphins is special, even if they are in captivity.

2) Coral Tables. This dive site is 20 meters from the Taba border with Egypt. After having read all the postings telling that Israel is over dived, this was a good experience. All sorts of coral and excellent variety of tropical fish life. I think there must have been more than 20 lion fish and a couple of moray eels as well. The visibility was excellent. I joined Red Sea Sports Club for a shore dive (22 meters deep). The price was only 27 US dollars including rent of equipment and excellent guiding by Austrian divemaster Chrissie.

3) Satil gunboat. This time, Chrissie took the two of us (off- season diving means no crowds) to the wreck of an israeli gunboat at about 25 meters depth. The program was wreck penetration and "moon walking" The best part for me was the sighting of a turtle in the beginning of the dive. Also moray eels, lionfish, scorpionfish etc.

1st 1.11 #5043 Bard Johannessen, Oslo, Norway. E-mail:

From Thu Oct  1 13:17:44 MET DST 1998
Subject: Re: Inchon, South Korea?
Date: 1 Oct 1998 05:38:27 GMT

In article <6uuogc$j84$>, 
>Will be going to Inchon, SK, in early November. Anybody have any lineups on
>shops/locations? E-mail addresses help!
>tanx in advance!

Dear McMike;

First of all, welcome to Korea.
How long are you going to stay ?
There are most probably several diving shops in Inchon.I am not sure if English would be available,though.

Among other things, November is not seasonably right time for diving because it is almost winter. Besides it, there are no dive points near Inchon although it is confronted with sea. For the most part, we go to East coast and South coast. It is just because the current due to tide in West sea is very severe.Almost no visibility!

When it comes to time spent in transportation, it takes 4 - 8 hours in a vehicle depending on destination. Very time consuming. Planewise, it takes maximum an hour plus time spared for local transfer to the dive points.

It is said that Jeju Island is the most beautiful point to dive in Korea.It is an hour away in a plane from Seoul.And most expensive but Korean currency depreciation might help enjoy relatively cheaper diving.

Don't hesitate to drop me a message if you need.


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