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On these pages I hope to give you help in choosing the location of your next dive vacation. I hope to do that by reviewing my own trips and to give you some links to other people's reviews of dive destinations. So far I have been to Kuredo in The Maldives, Sharm-el-sheik in the Red Sea, Sipadan! and Labuan in Malaysia, south Egypt with Amorina, in Thailand with Colona II, Sudan with Amorina again, Palau with Ocean hunter and Yap.

The reason for me doing these pages is that I want YOU to do similar pages, because if you just listen to the travel agent you will not get much useful information. You will be fortunate if he has even been to the place you are going to and of course he will put it in much better light than it really is so that he can sell you the trip. Therefore before I go to a new place I try to read books and search the net to find out as much as possible about the place Iīm going to from people that have actually been there. Here is your chance, send me an email describing your latest dive trip or make your own page just like this. If you do, send me an email and Iīll put up a link to your page. This way I hope to better pick the places that I will go to in the next few years and hopefully help you to choose better as well.

Also I will display some of my underwater pictures here, I really enjoyed taking them in Thailand and have now bought a MMII camera and have taken pictures in both Sudan and Palau/Yap. Some of the Palau/Yap pictures can bee seen on my trip Palau and Yap trip report pages but more will be shown when I have them scanned.

My scuba trip reports.
Links to scuba trip reports (over 200 links).
My Dolphin dive
My underwater photos from Sudan
My underwater photos from Thailand
Good scuba related links.

I have made these pages for you, please give me you feedback so that I can make them better. Send me an email telling me what was good and what was not, what you missed and what you thought was best.

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