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Dive trip report, Kuredu, Pro-divers

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Hotel     : Kuredu resort
Dive shop : Pro-divers
Dates     : 30:Th of December to 
            9:Th of January 1995
Dives     : 11

kuredo.jpg (5916 bytes)We did our OW course here so I didnīt have much to compare with regarding underwater life, but the diving was good. There is only one dive operator on the island, as on most Maldivian islands, so the dive boats never go to the same place. There are something like 40 dives sights within a 1 hour boat trip and they try to make sure the same diver don't go to the same place twice ( unless he askes for it ). The dive boats made 2 trips a day. You get one dive before lunch and one after. Now they have morning dives as well, which they didnīt have when I was there. You can also do dives on your own on the house reef.

Kuredu is in the Lhayiyani atoll, which is the atoll north of the North male atoll, it is about 150 Kilometres from the airport. That is a trip of about 3-4 hours to the resort with speed boat and the trip can be pretty rough in the open water between the atolls so a helicopter or aeroplane is recommended.

Picture of Kuredu

The resort is good enough, the food is pretty much the same and boring but much better than I had expected ( I don't really like fish, to eat i.e. ).

The snorkelling around the island is very good, you might have to swim for a few hundred meter to get to the drop off depending on where your hut is but the water will only be maximum 20 meters (60 feet) from your bungalow. And make sure you have fins with boots, otherwise you will have a hard time getting into the water because of coral.

Picture of Kuredu

There have been a lot of negative publicity on Kuredu in rec.scuba lately (late 1996 and early 1997) I agree to some extent that the dive shop is not all that concerned about its customers, but I think they where good enough for me. Also take into consideration that at all(?) atolls in the Maldives there is only one dive shop, so you canīt just walk down the street (beach) and dive with the next as you usually can, you are stuck with the dive shop on your island.

Now they have E6 development on the island.


This is a good place, not the best in the world but easy, simple and good underwater life! A good place to start diving at and a good place to take none diver to and get a few days off to go diving on your own.


Our first dive after OW exam, we found a nurse shark. My logbook say 2-3 meters (6-9 feet) but it probably only was 1.5 meters but still very impressive at the time, it was lying on a small shelf on the reef wall, we swam up to it, it didn't move, we swam closer, we where 2 meters from it, its only way out was through us, it moves slightly, we swam away!


We only had 1 dive per day during our OW, so it took a very long time to get certified.

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