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Dive shop : Nicos dive team
Dates     : 20:Th of March to 22:Th of March 1997
Dives     : 6

When going on the Colona II liveaboard I bought a ticket on a charter flight so I got 2 weeks in Phuket instead of the 9 days of the liveaboard so I had to find something to do the extra days.

Picture of Phi-Phi ley

After some email correspondence with a dive master who had worked at Phi-Phi I decided that Phi-Phi is a better place to dive from than Phuket, so there I went.

Picture of Phi-Phi ley The people staying at Phi-Phi are mostly backpackers so everything is cheap and casual, there are some resorts also but when I was there most of them seamed to be empty. The dive shops seamed to try to get the backpackers to dive for the first time more than having more advanced divers dive every day. There are at least 10 dive shops on Phi-Phi, and open water courses start every day. If you are not a diver but want to try diving this is a good place to start at, the island is very nice, the people very nice, the food excellent and cheap, so if you decide that diving is not for you ( not very likely ) you can continue your vacation on the beach.

If you plan to come here to dive only, Iīd recommend not to do any arrangements in advance just stroll down the main street and start talking to the dive shops and you will find one that will do what you want, or just get the tank and maybe some equipment from them and hire a longboat for your self and dive on your own. The dive shops did night dives every other night or so, we didnīt do any.

Titan trigger fish at Pelang 3

The diving was done in a longboat, 2 dives with 1 hour surface interval, sit in the boat or find a nice beach to rest on between dives, Phi-Phi is so small so it will only take maybe 30 minutes to the dive spots that is most remote.

The diving is not the best in the world, but OK, Similan is better. The good thing is that there where very few divers in the water, on the boat that I was diving from we where 4 divers and 2 divemasters ( 1 resortdiver ) the first 2 days and only us 2 and a divemaster the last day, and there where no other dive boat near by. Visibility was bad (5-15m). At Bi dah Nai I saw more anemones than I have ever before, there where almost no visible coral at all only anemones. On our last day at Phi-phi another dive boat saw a Whalesharks. False clown fishes at Phi-Phi


If you are in the area go dive here! If you canīt do a all dive vacation this is a good place to put the rest of the family on the beach and go dive on your own.


Anemone heaven at Bin dah Nai, Thai food.



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