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Dive trip report, Sharm el Sheikh , Aquamarine

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Hotel     : Tiran
Dive shop : Aquamarine
Dates     : 7 of May to 
            13 of may 1996
Dives     : 15

We dove with Aquamarine dive centre with the dive master Giovanni. The diving was done on a day boat, you go to the dive site with the dive boat in the morning, it usually takes a bit more than 1 hour to go to the dive sites. Some lies a bit further, like Ras-muhammed and Straits of Tiran. After your first dive you have lunch on the boat and the food was actually quite good. Then the boat goes to the next dive site for the day and you might do some sun bathing or bathing until it is time for the afternoon dive, then you go home with the boat.

Nama bay port in afternoon rush

All-in-all everything is set-up quite well ( I'm trying to say as many positive things here before I will tell you not to go here :-) ). The BIG problem is that, about 50++ dive boats ( someone that has actual figures or have been there more recently tell me if I'm wrong ) each with 8 or more divers, drop divers at fixed mooring lines, so at one time we had 7 or 8 diveboats moored at the same mooring as us. That makes for a pretty crowded dive. So I donīt recommend anyone to go here if you want good diving, and if you want to have the family along I think Eilat is a better choice. I do think the diving near sharm is good, but donīt go with a day boat, go with a live-aboard, that might get you away from the crowds. I just (June 98) got a email saying that the situation is better now, i.e. not as many boats at the same mooring, but still lots of hotels beeing built and many diving tourists.

Also when we where here we took our PADI AOW at Red sea diving collage and the saying the instructor is the most important not the agency was proven ( Iīm not saying that PADI AOW is a good course, just that it could have been better with a thinking and intelligent instructor ). The course was a total disaster, we did some simple dives, we asked some questions about multilevel diving and tables to the instructor, she couldnīt answer because the answers are not in the PADI book. Isnīt it strange that a PADI instructor don't know that you can use the PADI RPD for multilevel diving just as easy as the wheel? They have almost the same information on them, just presented in a different manner. But then Put Another Dollar In don't teach their instructors that, because they want to earn more Dollars selling very expensive wheels containing the same information as the RPD. Also I must say that the instructor that we had is probably not there anymore and that otherwise Red see diving collage seamed like a good outfit, but still a PADI outfit :-).


Donīt go here and dive on day-boats, go on a live aboard, or go to Dahab or some place with fewer divers or go on a live-aboard from Hurugada to the Sudan border, e.g. Amorina.


Strights of Tiran was good, we had NO other dive boat at the mooring on our morning dive and only one at the after noon dive, and the underwater life was a lot better than what we had seen closer to Nama bay.


Ras-muhammed much talked about, over hyped dive spot, we did Shark-reef/Yolanda reef and Jack fish alley, and sure they where a lot better than far garden but here as on other places we saw more divers than fish, to find your dive boat was hard among all the other similar boats ( we actually did a drift dive, only time on this trip! )

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