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My underwater pictures from Sudan.

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All pictures was taken by me, on the trip to Sudan in the summer of 98, using my Sea&Sea Motor Marine II with a YS-50 strobe on TTL and the internal 35mm lens. I used Kodak gold 400 for all pictures and they where 'improved' a bit in PhotoShop, most of them only with sharpen filter. All pictures are clickable for a larger version.

jack_s.jpg (10101 bytes) stonefish_s.jpg (17136 bytes)
Smallspotted pompano/Trachinotus bailloni(??) at Protector reef. Tassled scorpion fish(?) at Protector reef.
grey1_s.jpg (8167 bytes) grey2_s.jpg (6664 bytes)
Grey reefshark at Sanganeb. Grey reef shark at Sanganeb.
killer_s.jpg (11706 bytes) sweetlip_s.jpg (15333 bytes)
People ask me if I'm not afraid of sharks, I say no but I'm afraid of the 'killer' titan triggerfish. Here you can see why.This one tried to attack me at Elphinstone. Blackspotted Sweetlips at Shab Rumi.
jacks_s.jpg (14028 bytes) lion_s.jpg (14402 bytes)
Big-eye trevally at abingington. Common Lionfish at Middle reef.
bluespottedcon_s.JPG (32911 bytes) bluespotted_abu_s.jpg (10038 bytes)
Blue-spotted ribbon tail/ fan tail ray at Shab Rumi East / Conshelf II. Blue-spotted ribbon tail/ fan tail ray trying to hide at Abu Kafan.
bump_s.jpg (12502 bytes) goatfish_s.jpg (9122 bytes)
A Humphead wrasse/Napoleon fish found at Elphinstone. Yellowsaddle goatfish/Parupeneus cyclostomus(?) at Abu Kafan.
masked_butterfly_s.jpg (11610 bytes) trigger_t.jpg (11972 bytes)
Masked butterfly fishes at Abu Kafan. A nice Titan triggerfish at Shab Rumi south.

If you liked these pictures here are some more from Thailand.

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