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Dive shop : Yap divers
Dates     : 11:th of February to 15:th February 1999
Dives     : 11

This page is under construction, more pictures will be added when they are scanned and more text will be written.

Yap is spelled Manta everyone goes here to see Mantas and so did I.


manta2_s.jpg (13660 bytes)I was unlucky, the visibility was very bad. In Miil channel the visibility was about 5-7 meters (15-20 feet) and if you are trying to see mantas that are 3-4 metes (8 to 13 feet ) between the wings that is BAD visibility. But you see Mantas up close and when I say close I mean close, you get within 1 meter ( 3 feet ) from the Mantas. The Mantas is practically guaranteed, I do not think that if you stay at Yap for 3 days of diving that you can miss them.

Normally you do 2 tank dives per day, if you are doing Manta dives you will be taken to Miil Channel or Goofnuw Channel depending on which seson it is, the Manats move to different sides of the island in different sesons of the year. The boat ride there from Yap Divers takes about 20 minutes at high tide and maybe 30-35 minute at low tide. You do your dive, always with a dive master, they make sure you are at the right place and that you are not in the way of the Mantas. The first time it feels like you are being moved without reason but after a while you understand how the Mantas move and that you might scare them away if you are in the wrong place.

The non manta diving is both very good and only OK. I dove a few times at the south tip of Yap and was not very impressed ( now I was comparing this to my visit on Ocean Hunter on Palau just before so you have to read it in that context, the diving is far from bad, but Palau is better ). But I had one driftdive out of Miil channel and that was a really good dive ( one of my best! ). The current was very strong and the visibility sucked but there where lots of fishes, I saw gray reef sharks, eagle rays, white tipped reef sharks, titan trigger fishes and lots more.

Dive shop

manta3_s.jpg (15809 bytes)Yap divers is a normal dive shop, the good thing is that they rent motor marina mx10 camera, hi-8 video and have nitrox filling. The bad things IMHO was the 'heavy snacks' which is water ( bad water! all water on Yap is bad, the bottled water you buy in a shop tastes more clorine than my local swimming pool ) or tea and cake. They do not serve soft drinks, not even when you do a 3 tank dive with lunch on the boat.


This is probably the only place in the world where you are virtually guarantied mantas, the only other place that might come close is Sangalakki and some other places where mantas are common during some months of the year. So if you want to see Mantas go here!


Mantas close up and personal.

Drift dive out of Miil Channel.


Not so heavy snacks on the dive boats.

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