Geo Links. Sweden:

Dept. of Geology, Lund University

Institute of Earth Sciences, Uppsala University

Dept. of Geology and Geochem. Stockholm University

GEOVETARCENTRUM, University of Gothemburg.

Earth Sciences, Geology & Geophysics in Sweden.

SGU, Swedish Geological Survey.

Amatörgeologiska FöreningarLots of useful information within the geological field.

Paleo Geology Center, Lidköping,

Per Hansson´s Trilobite Gallery

Swedish Museum of Natural History, NRM

Geo Links outside Sweden:

Geoleksi, Geological encyclopedia, Oslo.

Mineralogical and Geological Museum, Oslo.

Pal Venn, Fossiler, Trilobitter, Oslo.

Paleontology Links

the Trilobite Homepage

The PaleoNet Pages (East)

Matt´s Paleo Pages

Jeff´s Journal of Dinosaur Paleontology

Paleontological Society

Dept. of Geology & Geophysics, University of Edinburgh

Canadian Geological Survey Links to Canadian Paleontology Organisations and Websites. Canadian Geological Survey.

Wolf´s Lair - Paleo Links.

Fossil Links, Greg´s Best Pick Fossil Pages.

Pick of the Litter. Dept of Paleobiology, National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institution. Links to Museums, Professional Societies and Journals.

Trilobite Menu. Are you a trilobite? Trilobite Wisdom.

Useful Geo/Paleo Links. University of Manchester.Links to many other links etc. etc. Very detailed and extensive.

Sektion für Biosystematische Dokumentation, Universität ULM, Dieter Walossek.Lots of German addresses. A wonderful "Orsten-page" with SEM-photos of Cambrian arthropod larvae etc.

Ocean of Kansas Paleontology. Fossils from the Western Interior Sea by Mike Everhart. Further (mostly american) links to mosasaurs and sharks.