Flintheart Glomgold

ALIAS: "The second richest Duck in the World"
RELATIVES: unknown
PETS: unknown
LIVES: Limpopo valley, South Africa [see also "Biographical Details"]
CONFIDANTS: Bad Pete; the Beagle Boys Inc.; Magica de Spell
KNOWN RIVALS: $crooge McDuck; Super Goof; Huey, Dewey & Louie; Donald Duck.
FIRST APPEARANCE: Uncle $crooge #15 in "The Second Richest Duck" (1966)
FIRST FILM APPEARANCE: Semi-regular on the DuckTales series (Sep. 21, 1987)..
VOICE ACTOR: Hal Smith (DuckTales).
BIOGRAPHICAL DETAILS: Flintheart Glomgold is $crooge McDuck's arch-nemesis, primarily because Glomgold is jealous of $crooge's wealth, and desperately wants to steal the title of "World's Richest Duck" from $crooge, but so far has only managed to maintain his status as "World's Second Richest Duck" (though that title is in somwhat dispute with another of $crooge's adversaries, John D. Rockerduck).
Flintheart will attempt any possible underhanded deed in order to defeat $crooge, and will often hire such thugs as Bad Pete or the Beagle Boys to do his dirty work.
In Barks' original stories, Glomgold hailed from and lived in South Africa. In Don Rosa's "The Life And Times of Scrooge McDuck" chapter 6 he says that he's a Boer (this story is also probably the best source for any historical facts on Flintheart Glomgold). Probably due to political unrest and apartheid, his place of origin was changed to Scotland (to match $crooge), and his residence to Duckburg in the DuckTales series.
WORKING THEORIES: Anyone that might pay.
HISTORICAL FACTS: Flintheart was created by the Duckman Carl Barks.

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