Who is actually this Carl Barks?

Carl Barks is the foremost Duck artist of them all, and many consider him as the best comics creator of all time. He is born on March 27, 1901, and is still very much alive in Oregon, USA. The source on his life is Michael Barrier's Carl Barks and the Art of the Comic Book. However, if you're looking for a shorter biography, you can try this one. :-)

Characters he has created

Among the more well-known are:
NOTE: The info on the above pages are based on facts given on this and this page.

What are his works with Disney characters?

There are lots and lots... If you check out the you'll find indexes with his:

Where can I find his works collected?

The Carl Barks Library reprinted his Disney stories in black and white in 30 bound volumes collected in 10 box sets. Follow the link for more information.

Lately the Carl Barks Library has been reissued in color in album series with names like Carl Barks Library of ... in Color. Those albums generally have the same versions of the stories as the original CBL, except they are in color and are accompanied by twice as many articles as well as trading cards.

Other sources on Barks on the net

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