About the cover "Donald the Mighty Duck"

This cover isn't entirely drawn by Don, but the design is all his. In late summer 1995, Don was working out the idea of making a kind of Duck-parody of the first Superman-cover. This cover was scheduled for the third issue of the upcoming new series Uncle Walt's Collectery (which changed name to Walt Disney Giant in time for the first issue). But a long time Disney fan Don knew didn't understand the point of making such a cover, and then Don began to doubt if other would. So the project was abandoned, and for the issue Don decided to draw a heroic "flying" Donald, and have Gladstone put it over 4 as heroic Barks-pannels he'd always loved instead.

The "Superduck"-cover is actually published in its pencilled form in an article in the comic book, being the last version carried out. So what happened to this quite unique piece of art? Don donated it to a charity auction on a comic book congress in Cleveland in November 1995...

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