About the cover "HDL in Gallery"

It seems like Gladstone had quite alot against this cover, which originally was scheduled for an 8:th Walt Disney's Comics in Color album. Don's Mickey has been replaced by one by Ulrich Schroeder, shrunk both Donald and Scrooge and removed the stylish initials of Carl Barks and Floyd Gottfredson in the bottom right of the portraits. If you keep searching for modifications with your pocket lens you'll also find that the titles of the portraits have been changed, from "The Duck" / "The Mouse" / "The Tycoon", to "The Dude" (the '-de' written in) / "The Hero" (only 'The' recycled) / "The Tycoon". For some reason, the "price tag" from Don's Discount Framing has not been removed, although it's forbidden to 'sign' ones art according to some Disney license.

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