The Don Rosa covers

This index contains all Don Rosa's covers, and is arranged in their date of publication, chronologically.

How the titles are written in is a bit complicated. If the idea for the cover doesn't have a direct connection to one or more pannels in the story, or if it is a regular gag-cover (that doesn't belong to any story) this has been marked with a parenthesis around the title/description. Whenever there has't been any actual title for the cover available, a description has been written in, printed in italics. There are a few exceptions, though, where I've decided to use a description rather than an available title. I've also put quotation marks around the titles, when the cover one way or the other has the title on it.

Cover code___Publ.___#-yr+date__________________________Title______________________________
BG 27-72feb (Knight-fight à la Ivanhoe)
CR 91-72nov (Creature of the night)
RBCC 116-7?feb (The Spirit among photos of his beloved)
RBCC 121-75sep (A Don Rosa Swipe of Da Bodé)
CR 145-77jun (Plastic Man and Woozy Winks cheat playing poker)
CD 4-78spring (Don selling comics for collectors' pleasure)
CR 201-82may (CK and other superheroes at the Kentucky Derby)
DRC 1-83jun (Sub Zero)
DRC 2-83nov ("Vortex!")
RBCC 148-??? (Sir Lancelot Pertwillaby)
CJ 87-83dec (The bane of comics: endless fight scenes!)
CKC 1-81? (CK - Atlas of the New Age!)
CKC 2-85jun (CK - Slipping Hero)
CKC 3-85jun (CK- the Fallen God)

U$ 219-87jul (The Son of the Sun) (II)
U$ 224-87dec (Cash Flow)
GCA 6-88? ("Land Beneath the Ground) (I)
GCA 11-88? ("Hawaiian Hideaway")
U$A 5-88jun (Last Sled to Dawson)
U$ 231-88nov (U$ makes coins in meat grinder)
GCA 19-89? (The Golden Fleecing)
DDA 12-89may (Return to Plain Awful)
U$A 13-89jun (The Twenty-Four Carat Moon)
DDA 13-89jul ("The Mountless Mountie")
U$A 14-89aug ("His Majesty McDuck")
DDA 16-89oct (The Magic Hourglass)
U$A 17-89nov (Lost Beneath the Sea)
[as pencilled by CB]
U$A 18-89dec (That's No Fable!)
DDA 18-89dec "No Such Varmint"
GIA 2-??? ("The Sunken City")
U$A 19-90jan (A Stitch in Time)
U$A 20-90mar "The Paul Bunyan Machine"
GIA 4-90apr (The Son of the Sun) (I)
DD 279-90may Maharajah Donald
KD-1090 DDDA 1-90jun The Money Pit (II)
GCA 24-??? "A Cold Bargain"
GCA 28-??? DR special: Scenes from the DR Gladstone comics
CiC 1-??? (The Duck family "finds" nephew in treasure box)
CiC 2-??? (DD drawing U$ drawing MM drawing DD)
CiC 3-??? (HDL behind headless figures of DD, U$ and MM)
CiC 4-??? (U$ on top of DD, "eyeing" a BB)
CiC 5-??? (DD, U$ and MM as "The Spirit of '76")
CiC 6-??? (DD and MM looking cheerful)
CiC 7-??? (The Ducks marching off, worldmap as background)
[CiC 8 (HDL in gallery) (I)]
B&B 1/91 (U$ prefers Swedish krones for dollars)
[also poster for Swedish Serie Expo -91]
KJU-038-1 U$ 262-92jan Return to Xanadu (I)
JU039-1 U$ 263-92feb (Treasure Under Glass) (II)
KJ8C33-1 D&$ (92?) (DD and U$ find treasure chest in bin)
NK 22-92jul (The Gearloose Universal Translator)
AA 33/92 Photos from Lo$1 and Lo$2
NAft 24/10/92 ("What if Scrooge had grown up in Norway?")
KJD093-1 DDDA 34-93apr (Super Snooper Strikes Again!)
[layout BF]
KJU106-1 U$ 276-93apr "Island at the Edge of Time"
[layout BF]
KJU112-1 U$ 278-93may North of the Yukon
[layout BF]
KJD112-1 DDDA 37-93jun The Duck Who Fell to Earth
[layout BF]
KJU109-1 U$ 279-93jun (Back to Long Ago!)
[layout BF]
KJU110-1 U$ 280-93jun (The Strange Shipwrecks)
[layout BF]
DDA 21-93aug Secret of Hondorica
U$ 281-93aug (U$'s mouse removal project)
U$A 22-93sep The Price of Pizarro
DDA 23-93dec Andold Wildduck
U$A 24-94jan (The Little Gronins)
HB 1-94jan (Husbjørnen shakes hand with DD)
NDD 7/94 (From Duckburg to Lillehammer)
LOU 3-94apr (DD and U$ takes DR on the ride of his life)
U$A 25-94apr The Money Well
U$ 285-94apr The Last of the Clan McDuck
OD 1-94jun The Master of the Mississippi
U$ 286-94jun The Master of the Mississippi
U$A 27-94jul (Guardians of the Lost Library)
JNN ?-?? (U$, DD and HDL in a library)
U$ 287-94aug The Buckaroo of the Badlands
OD 2-94sep (U$ riding through the desert)
CO 43-94? (DD of today and of 1934 - 60 years jubilee)
U$A 28-94sep (Land Beneath the Ground) (II)
U$ 288-94oct Raider of the Copper Hill
U$A 29-94nov The Man From Oola-Oola
OD 3-94dec The New Laird of Castle McDuck
DDA 29-94dec (Tour de Jour)
U$ 289-94dec The New Laird of Castle McDuck
U$A 30-95jan The Golden Fleecing
CJ 183-95jan (Real Ducks in U$'s office)
U$ 290-95feb The Terror of the Transvaal
OD 4-95mar Hearts of the Yukon
U$A 31-95mar The Lentils From Babylon: pt 3 (pt 3)
NHB 1-95mar (Husbjørnen teaches DD)
U$ 291-95apr Dreamtime Duck of the Never-Never
U$A 32-95may The Lentils From Babylon: pt 4 (pt 3)
D&M 29-95may (DD guiding MM through Duckburg)
OD 5-95jun (The Invader of Fort Duckburg) (I)
U$ 292-95jun King of the Klondike
U$ 293-95aug The Billionaire of Dismal Downs
OD 6-95sep (The Empire-Builder from Calisota) (I)
WDG 1-95sep (Hearts of the Yukon)
U$ 294-95oct (The Invader of Fort Duckburg) (II)
DeD 93-95oct (U$ teasing Bone for being small)
[by DR and JSM]
KKV (95?) (The Ducks find a book-trove)
OD 7-95dec (Last Sled to Dawson)
U$ 295-95dec (The Empire-Builder From Calisota) (II)
WDG 3-96jan (Donald the Mighty Duck)
U$ 296-96feb (The Richest Duck in the World)
WDC 602-96apr The Treasury of Croesus
WDG 5-96may (HDL in gallery) (II)
U$A 39-96jul (Falling into valley of Tralla La)
U$ 300-96oct (U$ posing with his No. 1 dime)
WA (96?) (Merry X-mas from unca $crooge!)
DeD 98-96dec (Help! Four nephews?!)
[one nephew each by US, DR, FM and JG]
U$A 44-97mar (Two in One)
[layout DG]
WDC 613-??? (The Incredible Shrinking Tightwad)
DDA 43-97apr (The Lost Charts of Columbus)
OD 12-97apr (Treasure Under Glass) (I)
DeD 100/101-97jul (100 DD heads)
MMM 16-97summer (U$ gets birthday cake from his sisters)
OD 14-97sep (The Duck Who Fell to Earth)
U$A 51-97oct (Treasure of the Ten Avatars)
U$ 306-97oct "The Vigilante of Pizen Bluff"
FJL (97dec) (U$ and photos of his life and times)
AU$ 2-98mar (A Little Something Special)
OD 18-98sep (The Universal Solvent)

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