Welcome, visitor No. , to The Only: Comprehensive, Immensely Verified and Annotated Rosa-index Database - TOCIVARD - containing (close to) all comic strips, stories, covers and other drawings by Don Rosa published to date. These publications have been indexed as chronologically as possible, and completed with my comments and notes.

The TOCIVARD is a computerized (and translated!) version of my old "The Ultimate Don Rosa Index", which was brought to life simultaneously with my interest in Don Rosa's comics in 1990 (when the first few stories of his appeared in the Swedish DD weekly). Ever since, I've been trying to index all as-original-as-possible versions of all kinds of Rosa-material in their first officially available publication, and completed them with any (more or less interesting) facts about them I could dig up. My goal is to, as you can imagine, complete these indexes - which can only be done (correctly, at least) if I have the items in my own shelve. ;-) I'm not saying I don't want to hear anything about stuff I haven't indexed, though: I do, although I will index it as unconfirmed (in red). So please send it in if you have any information I don't! But don't send anything that would be in an index I haven't gotten up yet - I have many more indexes (were I lack a lot) than what you see here now. I will put them up as soon as I can, although there will be lots of red in them - stuff I miss, and that I'm really interested in if you can find it.

Originally, I did these indexes mainly for my own sake - so I would know what I have and what I lack. But its grown BIG now, and I think alot of people out there would like to share the information I've gathered over the years.

Main sources for the indexes are (in order of priority):

Minor individual detail contributions are noted in the indexes.


/Jakob Söderbaum

(Indexes of pre-Disney stuff in the works...)
The stories for Another Rainbow/Gladstone (USA)
The stories for Oberon (The Netherlands)
The stories Disney Comics (USA) was first to publish
The stories for Gutenberghus/Egmont (Denmark)
The covers published worldwide
The various other drawings published around the world

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