The Don Rosa stories for
Oberon (The Netherlands)

Story code_Publication_Hero____________Title_____________p# + creator
H 85218 WDC 547 DD (Well-Educated Duck) 10 JK/DR
H 87112 DD 278 DaD (Forget Me Not) 3 RS/DR
H 87173 U$ 242 U$ (Leaky Luck) 1 JK/DR
H 87178 M&D 17 DD (Give Unto Others) 7 BU/DR
[H 8967 U$ in Treasure Under Glass 20 DR]
H 8968 U$A 20 U$ "On a Silver Platter" 10 DR
H 89174 U$A 21 GG in "The Pied Piper of Duckburg" 8 CB+DR

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