About "Return to Xanadu"

Disney decided to split this story in two parts, as they always wanted to have a couple of shorter stories and one-pagers in each issue, and so there wasn't at all room for a 30 page story. The first page of what Disney used as the second part (in U$ 262) was a brand new page by Don, of which 2 pannels and most of the background of the splash pannel were directly xeroxed from earlier pannels in the story. It seems Disney didn't like the format of the story, either, and so they stretched out each page over the desired format. Yuk! Just lookit pannels 1 and 2 on page 2!!

Disney also felt like stretching out the story code to KJU023-1/d90314.

Disney also doubled the amount of covers for this exclusive publication. The cover for the "first part", being a version of Don's own except with the Ducks drawn as seen from the front, was made by Jim Mitchell and Jukka Murtosaari.

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