About "The Incredible Shrinking Tightwad"

For the American print, Don was forced to alter vast parts of the story, resulting in a 22 page 2-parter (divided into 8+14 pages) instead of a 24 page 3-parter. Despite the fact that about one and half page worth of new art has been added. The reason for these changes is said to be Disney Co. (no shit!), who found it more-than-objectionable to show bad hygiene in a comic.

The first part has been left intact, but the other two have been made into one with the following modifications: pannels 7-9 on page 4 of the second part have been removed, and pannel 11 (pannel 8 in the Gladstone-version) has been drawn-out sideways. On page 6, again the pannels 7-9 have been removed (pannel 6 re-drawn sideways), and on page 7 the pannels 1-6 have also vanished. On page 8, pannel 7 has been removed, and pannel 1 from the second page of the supposed-to-be third part has been added. On this very page (about page 7 in the Gladstone-version), the pannels 2-4 and 7 have been left out, and also pannel 3 on page 3 (in the original version's third part). As we reach page 4 (page 9 of Gladstone's giant-part 2), real interesting things begin to occur. Between the original version's pannel 4 and 5, 13 pannels have been added, among which we see Donald refer to Don's story "A Matter of Some Gravity" - a story not written untill about one and a half year after TIST. But, of course, this is something the reader knows nothing about (?). On page 7 (in the original version, that is), pannels 1 and 3 have been removed, and on the last page also the pannels 2-3, together with the frame of pannel 4.

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