About "The Richest Duck in the World"

As Byron Erickson had just used this title for the 11th chapter, he had to think up a new for this one: "The Recluse of the McDuck Mansion". But when Gladstone later reprinted it, Don changed it back.

On the sign in pannel 8, page 3, it should have said "SALE! Closeout on 1947 model TVs!".

For the whole-part version Don added a number of new pannels: page 4, pannels 8-10; page 5, pannel 5 (re-drawn); page 6, pannels 8-10; page 11, pannels 9-10; page 12, pannels 5-9; page 14, pannels 3-6; page 15, pannels 1-2; page 16, pannels 5-7; page 17, pannels 8-10.

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