Uncle Floyd - a short biography

In the '30s, Mickey Mouse was just about the biggest name in entertainment. One of the main reasons for this is, doubtlessly, the somewhat uninhibited cartoons produced with the Mouse during this time. But that's merely half of the truth. In fact there was also a young cartoonist named Floyd Gottfredson, who managed to get Mickey as famous in another medium - comics. Gottfredson got the job as animator in the Disney Studios in 1929. In the spring 1930 he got to take over the fairly new-started daily strip starring the Mouse. The first episode was published on May 5th 1930, on Gottfredson's 25th birthday.
Gottfredson liked the animating business, and it was not without hesitation he assigned himself to the new task. Disney had persuaded him with the argument that he was most likely to be relieved within a couple of weeks by someone else. Uncle Walt, however, apparently forgot about his promise, and Gottfredson stayed as the cartoonist for the Mickey Mouse daily strips for the next 45 years to come - an incredible feat, to say the least!

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Here's a drawing (A4, ink) I did in 1998 (published in Swedish fanzine NAFS(k)uriren #30) - a hommage for Mickey's 70th birthday attempting to illustrate the most important epochs in the mouse's life, including Gottfredson's.

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