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                                            What can we do?

                   What can we do to make a better bengali foundation? Why are we behind?Why do we have to strive? We all blame the weather but that is just a small setback. Why aren't are resources first class? We have a lot of catching up to do, but in Bangladesh the system isn't developed fair. Why are their so many people o the streets and beging for money? We have to learn, educate more kids, both boys and girls. We have to put more into the future and organize the foundation, the status for what we are going to face. So before we buy a mansion think about the hundred's of thousands of children that are starving. Think about all the kids not going to school and instead working, think about their foundation, where they are headed to. Before you throw more than half of your food or waste water like it has no meaning think twice. Once for you and once for them out there.

                                                        - habbib da Kamikaze

                                    WHEN WHO WHY

                        Inspection is a loss of investment,

                        The public go together and stick,

                        Beat the politicians with their visions,

                        Not their decision it's their foundation,

                        It's not about rich or poor, it's what you're for,

                        97 is when we start and 98 is when we score,

                        That's why we are here to beat our fear,

                        Before we were lost, no where to steer,

                        No Bangies with music careers,

                        Times can change at a high rate,

                        It's the Bangie fate it was no mistake.

                                   - POETRY BY A BANGIE RAPPER