About the "Golden Bengal"

            Bangladesh made history on December 16th 1971 when they defeated Pakistan by the help of India in the "War of Independence". The largest step the Bengali people ever took was when they had the thought of even fighting for independence, and they went forward. That is not an easy thing to come through with against a country twice of it's size, it must have been everyones determination towards their goal, freedom. The "War of Independence" started March 26th 1971. After all of the striving finaly the war had ended and it was time to celebrate the independence and start all over from the begining, but is it too easy to begin all over again? After the unaged nation got by a couple of years there started building problems. The country already had a population problem. Bangladesh were in turmoil, but they had their glories and misseries, prosperities and tranquilities. In the Mideivel ages Bangladesh was called "Ganges paradise". The Arabs, Chinese, Europeans, etc. used to trade and just luxure in the so called paradise. Bangaladesh was the wealthiest nation in the Indian sub-continent until late 16th century, that is when Bangladesh was called "Sonar Bangla" (The Golden Bengal). Traders from Arabia, China, and as far as Denmark traded for mussles, pearls, and the one and only spices of the Bengal. Between the 9th to the 16th century Sonar Bangla was reigned by different countries at different times, the countries were the Aryans, Huns, the Turkiet, Afghanistan, and Mughuls.(Some of these countries don't exist any more!!!) In 1933, the Portugeese were ousted from their foothold by Bengali opposition, while the Brittish failed to capture Chittagong. When the Bengalies won the war of independence over Pakistan (the war was fought by Mukti Bahini or Liberation Forces with the guidence of all of the Bengali population and Sk.Mujibur Rahman-the founder of Bangladesh)there were many deaths, many tears, many sacrifices, many patriot that fought for their beliefs, rights, traits,and roots. On that day they started they started the war where fighting for everyone in the country, for what they stand for, for what they represent, there pride, and dignity, they fought for their democracy, they fought for their lives, and for their freedom. This prooves that this poem is worth the long last striving that went on for nine months, but mentally went on for along time.