The makers of this site is Habbib Productions. The founder of the productions is Rameen N. Ahmed. The Productions was an idea from Mr. Ahmed in 1994. In the same year he made his dream come true, he made his own graphic design, web design, and web making site Production company. This production has made over 100 graphic logo trademark designs, 2 homepages, and soon one of the biggest hip-hop website called Street Level. Street Level will soon be out. Rameen is an ambitious young man with a large future. He is going to work towards being a graphic designer and being a rapper beside that career. Rameen is currently staying in Kista, Stockholm, Sweden. Kista is Swedens Sillicon Valley. Kista contains more than half of Sweden's PC companies. Habbib Productions has designed Vandad,and Dalillo Productions' logos and their sites.
               If you want to know more info about Rameen N. Ahmed, here are some brief facts :
name: Rameen N. "Habbib" Ahmed
age: 15
born: Stockholm, Sweden
origin: Bangladesh
home: Kista/Stockholm,Sweden
Music: Hiphop, all music you can produce to rap/ no rock
Religion: Islam
# of site designed and made by Habbib Productions: 2 (soon 4)
Sites Created and designed by Habbib Production: 
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         NXLEVEL Recordings The Official Habbib Production Site
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